GEYSER VAN ROOYEN ATTORNEYS was established in 2004.  The Managing Director was a partner and Director of Bloch Gross & Associates where after he established GEYSER VAN ROOYEN ATTORNEYS. We consist of a group of carefully selected individuals who are experts in their respective fields and who add benefit to business and clients through the careful and intelligent appreciation of. At GEYSER VAN ROOYEN ATTORNEYS we have the client's best interest at heart, can save business and client's thousands of rands through the careful management  of legal disputes and give them the peace of mind that they so desperately need. We pride ourselves on serving all members of the Community and our philosophy is that no client is to small or too big for us. OUR COMPANY: With a team of qualified staff, we offer corporate and other clients a complete service consisting of amongst others, Commercial, Conveyancing, Insolvency, Labour, Third Party, Divorce & Maintenance (see our services section). Our clients benefit through our location in Arcadia which are easily accessible to the High Courts, Magistrate's Court, CCMA office and all other important Government and Legal Administration. Several of our clients are from the Largest in their respective business sectors in and outside the Country, these includes Financial / Banking, Medical, Telecommunications and Airlines sector. We pride ourselves in having both local and international experience, we have represented clients from as far afield as Europe (Greece and France), Middle East (Dubai, Qatar), Australia.   We represent various Companies in Africa (Congo, Zambia, Mozambique and Swaziland). OUR MANAGEMENT: GEYSER VAN ROOYEN ATTORNEYS is managed by, CHRIS GEYSER CHRIS GEYSER is also the Managing Director and commands extensive experience in law.  He was a partner and director at Bloch Gross & Associates Inc in Pretoria for 10 years from 1994 until 2004 where after the new GEYSER VAN ROOYEN was established.  MR GEYSER is very experienced and knowledgeable in various aspects of law, including Commercial and Insolvency matters. OUR COMMITMENT: To apply the law and search for the best possible solution to each client's individual need.
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